Techonomics: Science Fiction as Human Lens for New Health & Appearance Technologies Emerge

By Jason Middleton
We try to cover the spectrum of opinion on the impending and growing use of artificial intelligence. This week, we’re adding gene editing to that conversation.
And we’re doing it with a science fiction writer and multi-best-selling author, Arwen Elys Dayton. Her new title is Stronger, Faster and More Beautiful.
The gene editing tool, known as CRISPR, an acronym, has been in experiments and testing for six years. Recently, a Chinese doctor claims to have used CRISPR on a set of human twins, removing the gene that allows humans to be susceptible to HIV.
The doctor has since dropped from public sight after triggering a vast conversation about his ethics, as well as potential rules around gene editing.
A novel in six parts is how the author refers to her new book. A story that could happen in as quickly as a year in real time, all the way out 150 years, and four stops along that timeline.
Have great weeks, everybody.

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