President Trump Surprises US Troops at Al Asad Airbase; Iraqi Government Unhappy

(Photo by Andrew Harnik/AP Images)

December 27, 2018

Yesterday, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived unexpectedly to Al Asad Air Base in Iraq to address United States troops. This was Trump’s first visit since taking office in 2016. The visit only lasted approximately three hours with the President holding a small talk with military officials, as well as a rally-type speech with a large group of service members.

During his fifteen minute speech to service members, Trump told them they would be getting a 10% pay raise and that it would be the first raise they’ve received in the past ten years. This claim was false as soldiers has received a raise every year and this year the raise will bump from 2.4% to 2.6%, according to

Iraqi leaders and politicians were not happy that the President failed to announce his visit and refused to speak with Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi since he would not agree to meet anywhere else besides the US military base. It is presumed that the President is concerned for his life, although he told officials during this visit that heĀ “had concerns for the institution of the presidency”, but not for himself.

The Iraqi government is demanding that US troops leave Iraq, according to CNN.





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