Techonomics: From Jonestown Massacre to #MeToo: Jackie Speier Is Undaunted

(Photo by Mark Lennihan/AP Images)

“We are more resilient than we think we are and we can overcome virtually anything,”

-Jackie Speier

By Jason Middleton

Book titles can be a lot of things: tantalizing, funny and punny, cryptic… and sometimes a book title is just perfectly placed aside its content.

The book is Undaunted and it is the true-life story of being left for dead after five bullet wounds, widowed early while pregnant due to a drunk driver, miscarriages and a failed adoption — and that’s before the political career began.

United States Congresswoman Jackie Speier‘s memoir, Undaunted, is subtitled Surviving Jonestown, Summoning Courage & Fighting Back.

Ms. Speier represents California’s 14th Congressional district, which spans the Bay Area’s peninsula from just south of San Francisco to just north of Stanford University in Palo Alto.


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