Techonomics: Being Badass Financially… Like, Every Day

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“I find I learned so much better when I’m entertained. I figured a lot of people out there would, also. I wanted to welcome in anybody who really needed the information, but didn’t want to touch self-help with a ten-foot pole,”

-Jen Sincero

By Jason Middleton

I hope you’re feeling strong to start the new year. I mean, with some energy and some goals.

Personally, I hope to reverse decades of behavior merely because it’s January. I know, it’s not easy keeping a high levels of focus for the long haul when pursuing whatever goal or goals you may have.

That’s why we asked a proven bad ass to join us this week.

Jen Sincero is the author of several books, all them with badass in the title. Her most recent one is formatted so you can open up to any page and get reinvigorated. It’s not the type of self-help book you’re probably used to.

Have great weeks, everybody.

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