Ronn Owens Report: Newsom’s Inaugural Speech & Trump’s National Address

(Photo by Evan Vucci/AP Images)

“It was really clear that Newsom threw down the gauntlet when it comes to dealing with President Trump,”

-Gary Dietrich

Two major political subjects deserved commentary, and for that we talked with Gary Dietrich, KGO’s political analyst. First was Governor Newsom’s¬†Inaugural Speech. As is the case with most of these, it was strong on vision, but slim on details. The Governor called for pre-school education for all, medical care for everyone, reduced homelessness…and do all these things with a budget surplus after they are instituted.¬†The other topic was President Trump’s speech tonight and the TV networks airing an overtly political speech on immigration, even though five years ago they refused to do the same for President Obama on the same subject.


Listen to the full report below.


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