Techonomics: The Science of Successful Timing

“WHEN we do things, over the course of a day, year, and lifetime, has a material effect on how well we perform,”

-Daniel Pink

By Jason Middleton

They say, timing is everything. They say a lot of things, but in this case it is often very true.

Thing is, when THEY say that, it’s usually retroactively – looking back on a successful something and valuing the timing of the event, as much as the event itself.

We don’t take “when” as seriously as we take questions of “what”—and we should.

We believe timing is an art. But it’s really a science. And author Daniel Pink has pulled together research from dozens of disciplines to help make systematically better “when” decisions at work, at school, and at home.

Timing has a profound effect on everything from education to the criminal justice system; job performance to team success; relationships to health.


Have great weeks, everybody.

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