California Lawmakers Push for Investigation into Unexplained Gas Tax

Curious why your gas prices have skyrocketed over the last decade? So are state lawmakers. There has been an increasing surcharge added to the price of gas in California and no one actually knows where it’s coming from or why it’s being added.

Earlier this week, nineteen California lawmakers from the Democratic party sent a letter to Xavier Becerra, our State Attorney General. In the letter, they urged Becerra to begin an investigation into a tax that, according to the Sacramento Bee, has cost Californians over $17 billion dollars just in the last five years. The surcharge was discovered in 2017 by “a committee working on behalf of the California Energy Commission”.

Bryan Anderson, reporter for the Sacramento Bee, who wrote the article mentioned above, joined Ethan Bearman today to discuss the article, the tax, and what to look out for going forward in the investigation. Bearman asked Anderson if there is a rational explanation for the charge to which Anderson responded, “At this time, they are looking for a rational explanation… We’ve reported that from 2000 to 2014, there was a surcharge of 2 cents per gallon… The surcharge spiked to 24 cents per gallon last year and that’s the matter that’s trying to be answered right now,”


Listen to the the full conversation between Anderson and Bearman here:


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