The Chip Franklin Show: February 4, 2019

Trump’s Big Game Interview

Chip and Nikki talk about President Trump’s rambling and ranging interview, part of which was played during the Super Bowl. Chip says the future of the NFL is in trouble because of Trump’s most thoughtful response.


A new poll reveals that millions of Americans don’t know who Mike Pence is. Chip and Nikki wonder what other issues the public are ill informed about.

The Virginia Dilemma

Chip and Nikki talk about Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s blackface controversy and a controversy swirling around his Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, who is in line to replace Northam.

Misplaced Anger

A Parkland father lashes out against Louis CK’s jokes about students at the school who have become more politically active since the deadly massacre. Chip says his anger is justified, but misplaced.

The San Francisco Raiders

The Raiders might share a stadium with the Giants next season before they leave the Bay Area. Chip and Nikki talk about it and take your calls.

Now Hiring

Chip and Nikki talk about the laundry list of jobs that the Trump Administration isn’t filling.

Stay or Go?

A growing number of women are forced to stay with abusive partners because of high rent costs. Chip and Nikki talk about it and take your calls.

Finding the Lies

Do politicians lie more now or is it easier to get caught? Chip and Nikki discuss.


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