Ronn Owens Report: 2019 State of the Union


“I think it was the best speech Donald Trump has ever given… This was the first speech I think he’s given since he’s been president where he sounded like any other president who has delivered the State of the Union Address, with an optimistic tone, upbeat, looking forward, and a long agenda… It’s a speech he’s needed to make for a long time,”

-Mark Curtis, Political Analyst

Ronn was joined by Mark Curtis, political analyst for as they discussed last night’s State of the Union speech by President Trump. Mark said it was the best he’s ever given while Ronn saw more of a mix of conciliation and cooperation with hard line stands he will not budge on. They talked about the surprising poll results, with roughly 75% of respondents saying they approved of the speech and his immigration stands. the women in white, the wall and whether we would be at war with North Korea had he not been elected.

Listen to the full report below.


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