Techonomics: Workers Willing to Split for Gigs Outside the Bay Area

“We did a survey and 64% of people said they would take a job outside of San Francisco if given the opportunity,”

-Heather Johnston, Regional President of Robert Half

By Jason Middleton

If, and only if, the war for top tier talent ever cools off in the Bay Area it will be because other areas of the country have been able to lure away said top tier talent.

And some new numbers are creeping up from a top tier talent placement agency that show skilled workers are more and more willing to relocate OUT of the Bay Area – and not only because it’s pricey to live here.

First, a tight Bay Area labor market: San Francisco unemployment rate is at a record low of 2.1% (California: 4.1%) for the month of Nov. 2018.

That means the war for talent gets expensive for companies, too.

Now pair that data point with this: 64% of San Francisco professionals said they would relocate for a job.

Robert Half is a talent placement agency that handles both ends of the battle for good, skilled workers – from designers to engineers to C-level officers.


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