Ronn Owens Report: Who Will be Virginia’s Next Governor?

“It’s important to remember that Virginia will be a key state in 2020. The current governor will be in place through 2021. That’s when they will get the census data to redraw congressional districts,”

-Philip Klein, Washington Examiner

To disprove those who believe politics can’t be fun, Ronn chatted with Philip Klein, Executive Editor of the Washington Examiner about the problems Virginians have in figuring out who will be Governor of their state. See, the current Governor, a Republican, turned up in his medical college’s yearbook either in blackface or wearing a KKK costume. He had a press conference Friday and acknowledged one of the two men was him. But then a day later, at another press conference, he said wait,  no, it’s not me. Democrats in the Commonwealth were near unanimous in urging him to resign. Easy for them, since the Lt. Governor was also a D. But turns out he was accused of sexual misconduct by a credible woman. Next in line is the Attorney General. But he said he too wore blackface in the ’80s. Finally we get to the next person, the Republican Speaker of the Assembly, who won the position by a coin flip. And the comedy continues.

Listen to the full report below.


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