Ronn Owens Report: Jeff Bezos vs. National Enquirer

(Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

“If somebody in Jeff’s position can’t stand up to a blackmailer, what about the rest of the population? I think a lot of people think Bezos is the good guy in this whole scheme,”

-Royal Oakes, ABC Legal Analyst

Throughout the weekend, everyone seemed to weigh in on an issue that if taken seriously, concerns the First Amendment of the US Constitution or if taken lightly, more as cool fight that fascinates us. It’s the heavyweight battle between Jeff Bezos owner of Amazon and the Washington Post versus the highly circulated National Enquirer. We were joined by ABC Legal Analyst Royal Oakes, who discussed whether the emails from the Enquirer to Bezos constituted blackmail or if they were a normal part of doing business, whether the New York Penal Code Section 135.60 (dealing with Coercion in the second degree), would be applicable, and who provided the emails to the tabloid in the first place.


Listen to the full report below.


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