Ronn Owens Report: Democrats Flood 2020 Race; Newsom’s State of the State

“The polling shows Joe Biden far in the lead, about 30%, amongst most Democratic candidates,”

Politics ruled the day as Ronn Owens was joined by KGO Political Analyst Gary Dietrich. They talked about two major items. First up was the 2020 Presidential race, where it seems more Democrats than the population of Montana seem to be running. Gary says Joe Biden is definitely the front runner for the Democrats. Ronn also focused on the timing of an official ‘I’m running’ speech and whether it’s helpful or hurtful to announce in the first wave. Second was Governor Newsom’s State of the State speech yesterday. Gary, like most Sacramento pundits, gave him credit for taking on the two toughest issues head-on: the Delta tunnel and High Speed Rail.

Listen to the full report below.


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