Techonomics: Part 2 – Fark Turns 20 This Year & We’re All Better for It

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“It is impossible for two people to have an honest, unbiased conversation in a world where the room they’re doing it in is funded by people harvesting them for information to sell them stuff,”

-Drew Curtis, CEO of Fark

By Jason Middleton

This week is a celebration of all things We have the founder of Fark, Drew Curtis, talking about the 20th anniversary of Fark – as well as tons of other things.

His upcoming book, “Why Tech Monopolies Suck” and what we can do to fix a problem with them that comes from almost the origin point of the world wide web.

Drew Curtis is currently a candidate for Kentucky State Auditor. He’s a former Kentucky gubernatorial candidate, too. He’s an author and, when asked, he’ll tell you he monetizes his ADD.

Fark is a news curation site, edited by humans, that is snarky and entertaining, but always reflects Drew’s take on the internet — Would he use the product he’s built?

Here’s part two of my chat with Drew Curtis. We pick up the conversation with moral damage and how to find an out for climate change deniers, for example.


Have great weeks, everybody.

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