New California Bill would Create Interstate Lanes similar to German Autobahn

February 20, 2019
Katherine Mosqueira

Earlier this week, Senator John Moorlach, representing the 37th district in Southern California, introduced Senate Bill No.319, which would widen I-5 and HWY 99 and create lanes with no maximum speed limit. In the bill’s “Legislative Counsel’s Digest”, it states that the bill “would require the department to initiate a project to construct two additional traffic lanes on northbound and southbound Interstate Route 5 and State Route 99, and would prohibit the imposition of a maximum speed limit for those traffic lanes,”

Heavy traffic congestion has been an increasingly serious situation in California. On Fortune’s list of the ten most congested cities in the world, San Francisco took fifth place, while Los Angeles took the first place spot. Not only would Moorlach’s bill reduce traffic congestion, but it is the legislature’s intent to also cut greenhouse gases.

The previously proposed project to battle traffic in the state came with Proposition 1A, the High-Speed Rail Act approved in 2008. Governor Newsom has put the brakes on this bill, as it is extremely costly. “We’re watching Sacaramento try to build a high-speed rail that is floundering. It was probably a boondoggle from the get-go that would never pencil out,” Moorlach told said on KGO.

However, the state still needs a solution to the growing problem. Section 1.b. and 1.c. state the findings and declarations of the bill. “It is the intent of the Legislature to provide Californians with a viable alternative to the high-speed rail system project by providing them with access to high-speed, unabated transportation across the state. It is further the intent of the Legislature to decrease traffic congestion and thereby decrease the emissions of greenhouse gases caused by automobiles,”

During his conversation with Chip Franklin and Nikki Medoro, Senator Moorlach provided some positives of the bill. “If you could move people that don’t want to get involved in road rage, move them into the high-speed road and let them enjoy a nice drive… If you’re not driving along in slow motion, you’re saving a lot in greenhouse gases because your engine isn’t running efficiently, especially if it’s stop and go,”

Listen to their full conversations on the new California bill below.

Bullet Train to Autobahn

Chip and Nikki talk about reduced plans for high speed rail in California and how that could lead to other infrastructure investments.

Faster Freeways

State Senator John Moorlach joins Chip & Nikki to talk about his proposal to build high speed lanes for cars on I-5 and Highway 99 to help traffic flow and encourage cars to run more efficiently.


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