Techonomics: Helping Kids use Tech as a Constructive Tool

By Jason Middleton
A friend of mine once advised that the best gift-giving pattern for a significant other was to alternate between jewelry and consumer electronics. I’ve stuck to it ever since.
But, what do you do when it’s a child you’re giving gifts to? Kids are drawn to tech for the same reasons we are – they’re flashy screens that can be very effective tools, even if they are presently designed to keep us addicted and engaged.
As kids start the New Year, many may have received tech devices as new or hand-me-down holiday gifts.
Studies show that high-quality digital content can help boost children’s learning, and that parental engagement in that learning plays a critical role in giving kids a strong academic start.
This week, we welcome Sara DeWitt, Vice President at PBS KIds Digital. After you listen to our conversation, check out “3 Fears about Screen Time for Kids – and Why They’re Not True”, Sara’s TED Talk.
Have great weeks, everybody.

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