Techonomics: What Hath Facebook Wrought? An Early Investor’s Revelation

“There is something wrong with the product, the business model, and the algorithm. It’s letting bad guys hurt innocent people… It’s not just Facebook. It’s Instagram, Whatsapp, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and to a lesser degree, Snapchat,”

-Roger McNamee, businessman & former Facebook investor

By Jason Middleton

This week, a Silicon Valley veteran investor – an insider – a near-legend in the venture capital world has published a memoir, that also serves as a warning about a company he helped thrive: Facebook.

Roger McNamee has decades of VC experience. And he sees today’s mega tech companies as a very real threat to the very fabric of our society.

The book is titled “Zucked and I encourage anyone who dialed up this podcast or listened to the broadcast to read it. Library, book store, friend … I sincerely do not think Roger cares, because the message means so much to him.

The book provides context as to what’s really wrong – a context we lacked just two years ago.


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