Ronn Owens Report: Electoral College Beyond Repair with Ralph Nader

(Photo by WAMC)

Especially in light of Howard Schultz looking to run for President and with the possibility of Michael Bloomberg also entering the 2020 race, it seemed appropriate to have Ralph Nader on the Report. His column in Time Magazine (2/18/19 issue) has gotten a lot of attention for two reasons. First off, Ralph strongly believes our electoral system is beyond repair. It is impossible for anyone outside the two major parties to make any headway. He uses H. Ross Perot as an example. He was able to get 19 million votes…and not even one in the Electoral College. Secondly, Nader made a strong case against Schultz, giving some major issues where, if anything, he is closer to the right wing in the GOP than the Democrat side, where the presumption is he has the strongest possibility of siphoning votes.


Listen to the full report below.


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