Ronn Owens Report: Former U.S. Congressman Pete McCloskey on Why He Left the Republican Party

(Photo by Rich Pedroncelli/AP Images)

“It’s going to be fun to watch an Independent Democratic House take on Trump. I became a Democrat when my former colleagues, Rumsfeld and Cheney both came out for torturing prisoners and I just said I can’t be a member of that party anymore,”

Ronn talked with former US Congressman Pete McCloskey. Pete is now 91 years old and as sharp as ever. They discussed why he left the Republican Party to join the Democrats, President Trump (“crazy” is the word he used,) how all the action in the next two years will come from the House of Representatives, and how the sense of bipartisan civil disagreement has gone by the wayside. Asked if he’d like to be in the House now, he surprisingly said yes.


Listen to the full report below.


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