The Chip Franklin Show: March 1, 2019

“America is not a socialist country”

Mike Pence says America isn’t a socialist country, Chip begs to differ.

Was Trevor Noah’s comments racist?

Chip talks about Trevor Noah’s Indian impersonation and takes your calls on if it were racist or not.

“In Jesus Christ We Trust”

Can the United States put “In Jesus Christ We Trust” on its coins? Chip talks to Randy Zelin and takes your calls.

Michael Cohen Updates with Philip Bump

Chip talks to Philip Bump about talk all things Michael Cohen.

Cash or Card?

Blue Bottle is going cashless. Chip takes your calls on if you still carry cash.

David Katz on the Death Penalty

Chip & David Katz talk about the death penalty and having the right to take your own life.

Anti-Vaxers are Killing People

Chip talks about West Virginia and Mississippi being more advanced than California when it comes to vaccinations.

Movies with Josh Board

Chip talks all things movies and good casting with our movie critic Josh Board.

Capitol Updates with Marc Fisher

Chip talks to Marc Fisher about everything going on in Washington.


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