Ronn Owens Report: How to Find the Right Relationship in a Social Media World

“If people were aware and mindful when they start dating, they’d be able to save themselves a lot of time, heartache and could actually start sifting through the ones who aren’t going to work and find the one that will,”

-Dr. Tara Fields

With the explosion of social media, dating has in many ways changed. It’s so easy to flip a picture that often, real caution signs go unnoticed. Pyschotherapist and relationship counselor Dr. Tara Fields joined us with tips for spotting red flags during the first few dates. Suggestions included listening and observing (ex. how does he/she treat the wait staff,) ask some long term questions to see if your interests blend together, and most importantly, what does he say in regards to exes.

Listen to the full report below.


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