Techonomics: Veteran VC Advisor Sees 2019 as Potentially Stunning Year for IPOs

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“There’s this notion of what we call the mega-rounds, these are private companies that raise $100 million in a round. In 2018, this was happening one almost every working day of the year. To put that in some context, two years earlier there might have only been twenty of those in the entire year,”

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By Jason Middleton

This year is shaping up like a year of macro tech story themes. There’s the mounting tech-lash as politicians stake their claims to how best to regulate an out of control tech sector (as they see it, at least). There’s public pushback on subsidies via tax credits for tech companies who want to expand their footprints. Looking your way, Amazon.

And then there’s the money – a potential wave of initial public offerings. That’s when a company you THOUGHT was already public starts issuing shares and trades on the Nasdaq or the Dow.

It’s anticipated we could get up to 16 IPOs with market values from 1 billion to more than 10 billion dollars. Unicorns and decacorns, if you’re into lingo. This week we have a 30-year investing expert with us from Ernst and Young, branded with the cooler sounding EY. EY Redwood Shores Office Managing Partner, specializing in IPO prep: Joe Muscat.


Have great weeks, everybody.

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