The John Rothmann Show: March 11, 2019

Would you fly on a Boeing 737-Max 8?

John ponders the tragedy of the Max 8 plane on Ethiopian Airlines last week. Would you ride in one if you had to?

Trump’s Budget Creates Winners & Losers

John ponders the long term effects of a new proposed federal budget that seeks to seriously disrupt public spending for anyone not in the military.

Pelosi, No Interest in Impeachment

John reacts to reports today that Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has publicly declared that she does not support the invocation of impeachments articles against Trump.

Republicans think Trump has gone too far

Will Herd that the Trump’s executive orders have stretched that office too far, and that he would vote for democrat Beto O’Rourke if given the opportunity. Will this become a trend?

Ilhan Omar & Anti-Semitic tropes

John compares the rhetoric of Ilhan Omar to that of Donald Trump.

Ruth’s Babe

John tells the story of Babe Ruth’s adopted daughter, still referred to as such after all these years.


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