The Pat Thurston Show: March 11, 2019

Useless HOV Lanes

Pat says on her ride to work she say plenty of cars were using the HOV lane, but not many of them had more than one person. Is it time to get rid of HOV’s? She takes your calls.

Mitch McConnell Hates Democracy

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he won’t allow a vote on a voting rights bill in the Senate. Pat talks about the move that flies in the face of our democracy and she takes your calls.

Trump takes California Money

Pat talks to Paul Rogers, Environment Reporter with the San Jose Mercury News, about the Trump denial of funding to help rebuild the Oroville Dam.

Skipping out on Fox

Pat talks about the DNC decision to now have a primary debate on Fox News.

Girl Scouts buy Hygiene Products

The Girl Scouts in one community are using the funds raised from their cookie sales to buy tampons for the girls at their school. Pat discusses the issue.


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