Techonomics: HGTV Co-Founder Has Formula for Emotional Success

“Trust is a really powerful workplace emotion, but it’s impossible unless you’re face to face with someone… You can sustain trust through technology, but to build that powerful emotion, you need to be on location,”

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By Jason Middleton

This week we’re boosting our EQ – our emotional intelligence. Specifically, our EQ in the workplace.

And to up our EQ game we have an author with an extensive background in building teams, dealing with all personality types and veteran leadership skills.

That’s Susan Packard. She was on the startup teams for HBO and CNBC and she is the former CEO of HGTV (its second employee, actually).

She’s also the author of Fully Human: 3 Steps to Grow Your Emotional Fitness in Work, Leadership, and Life.


Have great weeks, everybody.

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