Trumps Grounds 737 Max Airplanes

(Photo by Ted S. Warren/AP Images)

 March 13, 2019
Katherine Mosqueira

President Donald Trump has officially grounded all flights of the Boeing 737 Max 8 and all aircraft associated with this model, after the United States received backlash for being the only country in the world to keep the planes in airspace. Following the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash on March 10, 2019, many countries began to ground the 737 Max 8 aircrafts. The Lion Air Flight 610 crash in Indonesia, back in October 2018 of last year, was using the same model of airplane. This is what prompted the international grounding of the Boeing planes.

The Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash, which was flying from Ethiopia to Kenya, killed all 157 passengers, including the crew. It crashed shortly after take-off and according to reports, the pilot expressed to air traffic controllers that he was “experiencing technical problems”, asking to return to the airport. The tragic accident is still under investigation.

Below is the tweet President Trump posted during today’s press conference regarding the issue:

Boeing also issued this statement earlier this morning:

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