Techonomics: Living with Artificial Intelligence … When It Has a Soul

“They are beginning to lose their ability to know how these AI’s are thinking. They call it an ‘algorithmic black box’. You put in data and out comes an answer on the other end, but their not sure how that AI came to that conclusion,”

By Jason Middleton

Sometimes, it takes an outsider perspective to get a really good take on a topic that can seem too big to get your arms around.

Artificial intelligence – that’s what we’re going for this week. But instead of a deserving award-winning AI researcher, we have an accredited New York Times best-selling fiction writer whose new book is about AI.

James Rollins talks with us about his newest novel, Crucible: A Sigma Force novel, which is fantastic, IMHO. Science fiction can be a gateway as it shows theories and technologies in practice BEFORE they are implemented or built or optimized. And so it goes with artificial intelligence.


Have great weeks, everybody.

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