The Maureen Langan Show: March 24, 2019

Comedian Johnny Steele and Vallejo’s Loma Vista Farm fundraiser

Loma Vista Farm is an animal sanctuary and a 5-acre outdoor hands-on classroom in Vallejo. For 45 years, thousands of school age kids come on field trips to learn about animals, nature, and nutrition. Sadly, in February, two dogs got under a fence and killed three alpacas and seriously injured goats and sheep. The Empress Theatre in Vallejo will be hosting a fundraiser for new animals, vet care for the injured animals and upgraded security for the sanctuary.

Bone Marrow and Organ Donation

Twenty years ago Robert Miller, Mo’s friend from New Jersey, donated bone marrow to a complete stranger, saving the life of a young man in the mid-west who was dying of leukemia. Recently, Bob developed a life-threatening kidney disease and was told he’d need dialysis or a donor kidney to survive. He just received that kidney three weeks ago. He tells us his story and tells us how important it is to become a donor.

Trump Claims he’s been Exonerated Now that the Mueller Report is Out

The Mueller report is out. Trump claims he’s fully exonerated. After two years of State Run TV making Mueller the bad guy with a “gang of 13 democrats” and damaging his reputation, will they keep ripping him now that the results are favorable to Trump?

Ladies of the Resistance, Veronica Jow and Sam Cauthen

Woman of vastly different backgrounds — doctors, moms with young kids, business women — all activists with the goal taking back the White House. They meet, they plan, they act…right here in San Francisco for the greater good of all.

Which of the 3,000 Democratic candidates can beat Trump?

With the Mueller report finalized and no impeachment in sight, which of the democratic candidates can beat Trump in 2020? A recent Fox News poll says it’s Biden, who, technically, is not even running…yet. Mo and our listeners discuss.

Dish the Dirt

Michael Bloomberg says he won’t go on Joe Biden’s white male ‘apology tour.’ Roseanne Barr now claims one tweet by former co-star Sara Gilbert ruined her career. Mo scolds Krystal for posting pictures of Phineas’ splenectomy on social media and asks for an update. Mo’s own hospice dog loves her more than he loves The Sicilian.

Trump’s Gag Rule on Abortion Referrals

California AG seeks injunction against Trump’s ‘gag rule,’ limiting abortion referrals


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