Bay Area Chemical Engineer Arrested for Allegedly Poisoning Coworker

(Photo via Berkeley Police Department)

April 3, 2019
Katherine Mosqueira

A chemical engineer at Berkeley Engineering and Research has been arrested for allegedly trying to murder his co-worker by poisoning her over the course of 18 months. 34-year-old David Xu of Lafayette was caught on surveillance video pouring an unknown substance into the victim’s unattended water bottle on two different occasions. The victim, a woman, who also works as an engineer, reported to have noticed “a strange taste or smell from her water and food”. Court documents report that consumption of the contaminated objects immediately caused her “significant health problems and emergency care at a hospital.”

Samples taken of the woman’s blood and water bottle revealed cadmium. It’s also been reported that two of the woman’s relatives who consumed water from her bottle also became violently ill. Cadmium is a toxic metal, which can be found in batteries, fabric dyes, welding metals, and fertilizers.The Department of Health and Human Services reported, “Being exposed to lower levels of cadmium over a long period of time can cause damage to kidneys, lungs and bones,”

As of now, there is no known motive for why Xu attempted to kill her. Host Mark Thompson weighed in on the issue.


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