Techonomics: Making Good Out of Bad Reviews

“You want to win them over and get them to update their online experience. Nothing says, ‘I will take care of you if something goes wrong’ like reading a bad review turned good. It is so valuable for your organization,”

By Jason Middleton

This week: bad online reviews. If you cant SAY something nice, post it online. Trolling aside, from Twitter to Yelp to corporate home pages, the one to one relationship between corporations and consumers can be a messy place.

Knee-jerk negative reviews can cost businesses revenue – but also reputation, new sales leads and poor employee morale. According to one report, one negative review can cause you to lose up to 30 customers and can result in a 22% loss in business?

BUT, recognizing a bad review, addressing it and flipping an unsatisfied customer to satisfying can be a signal to other users about your business.

Curtis Boyd used to do review consulting for businesses. A valuable resource and skill, he was highly paid. But he recognized smaller businesses are also heavily impacted by negative reviews.

So he wrote some code and started a new company.


Have great weeks, everybody.

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