The John Rothmann Show: April 12, 2019

Wiki-Leaks Whiplash

How quickly Trump’s love for the Leak has languished… What did Trump know and when?


In Ohio, The Hearbeat Bill was signed in to law today. It outlaws abortions more than 6 weeks in to pregnancy. The ensuing court battles are a strategy to overturn Roe v. Wade. It makes no provisions for rape or incest.In San Francisco, 1,500 doctors and hospital staff have signed a petition opposing the partnership of UCSF and Catholic Dignity Health due to an agreement doctors are forced to sign declaring sterilization and certain medical procedures as ‘intrinsically evil’. The resulting discrimination against women and LGBT people has many concerned.

And the White House will show the film Gosnell…

Callers share their thoughts on this highly personal, political, and emotionally charged topic.


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