Live with Angie Coiro: April 12, 2019

Pentagon Reinstates Transgender Ban

Angie Coiro takes the mic while John Rothmann is on vacation. Her guest, Arron Belkin of the Palm Center shares the latest developments in the Trump Administration’s policy on Transgender Service Members.

Callers weigh in on Transgender Servicemembers caught in the crosshairs.


Sanctuary Cities Say Yes – What do You Say?

Angie Coiro says: we welcome people needing sanctuary with open arms.  What do you say? A wide range of callers from all walks of life add to a rich conversation.

KGO Confessional – Guilty Pleasures

We all have them; what’s yours? From Whitecastle Burgers to binge watching bowling… we all have some fun and peculiar past times to get us through the day, and unwind at night.


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