Biofuels Negatively Impact Wildlife, Climate: Report

“This is the first study that was able to connect how the renewable fuel standard caused these environmental effects. In particular, an additional 300,000 tons of nitrogen being used on the soil,”

-Professor Aaron Smith

By Jason Middleton

Every time we go the pump, there’s a good chance part of that fuel is made from corn—as in corn ethanol.

A 10-year-old federal mandate requires that plant-based fuels are blended into our gasoline supply. That policy has had several unintended, some might say dire, consequences.

A new research project is the first to prove that the federal policy intended to promote fuel made from corn, soy, and other plants, is harming the environment.

The report is titled BEYOND CORN: The Drive for Better Biofuels.

According to the report sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation, the Renewable Fuel Standard is not working for wildlife. It’s not working for our water resources. And it’s not working for the climate.

Professor Aaron Smith from UC Davis is our guest.


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