Techonomics: Mobility Unlocked- Academic Approach to Sustainable Transportation

“Everything around us has electronic wireless capabilities. That gives us an opportunity to start to manage our transportation system in a very different way because of all the computing power and algorithms that are operating behind the scenes, in our cars & on our phones,”

By Jason Middleton

This week is about mobility: angling to find a way to make the infrastructure meet the goals of a more efficient, mobile society.

The economics are clear (see the recent McKinsey report). Socially and politically? Well, that’s a tougher nut.

Dr. Susan Shaheen and her colleagues at UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center are keeping the conversation – and the data – lively.

Dr. Shaheen is often on Capitol Hill, testifying about the possibilities of increased mobility for the United States. She’s our guest this week.


Have great weeks, everybody.

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