Michael Finney: May 4, 2019


Anthony Myint, founder of Mission Chinese Food and ZeroFoodPrint explains the new 1% Climate change tax in California Restaurants

Teresa Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief of WhereTraveler Magazine lists the Hottest Attractions in May and shares Budget-Friendly Attractions in San Francisco

Edgar Dworsky of Consumer World discusses Wayfair Called Out on Exaggerated Savings Claims


In honor of May 2nd’s National Life Insurance Day, Jason Hargraves of InsuranceQuotes.com offers Life Insurance 101: Everything You Need to Know to Plan for the Future

Ryan Felton, Health & Safety Investigative Writer with Consumer Reports reveals Arsenic in Some Bottled Water Brands at Unsafe Levels

Steve Brobeck of the Consumer Federation of America shares a report that uncovers Important Limitations And Biases With Angie’s List

Matt Schulz of Compare Cards says 8 In 10 Parents Think Kids’ Extracurricular Activities May One Day Lead To Income



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