The Maureen Langan Show: May 5, 2019

Laurel Sturt, M.Ed.

Laurel Sturt M.Ed., aka Mrs. Hot author of The Book of Hot tells us why and how older women and younger men work and what they could possibly have in common.

Mo and Krystal dish the dirt

Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his girlfriend Hallie (ex-wife of Biden’s deceased son, Beau) have ended their relationship. Should Krystal pursue a relationship with “DeVante,” her 29-year-old crush? Listener Kathleen tells us about her 37-year relationship with her husband, Jones, who was 36 years her junior.

Diane Barnes, former diagnostic radiologist-turned actor, writer, storyteller, and solo performer

She was a doctor, she had a stroke, now she has her own solo show called My Stroke of Luck. Hear her story.

Author and immigrant Dulcelina Moore talks about the struggles immigrants face

Dulcelina Moore, immigrant, federal probation officer, and author of On the Road to Victory: Our Struggle As Immigrants In America tells us if immigrants can earn the American dream and what struggles she faced as an immigrant in the 80s.

Mar Ronquillo and Kurt Weitzmann of Boiling Frog Entertainment

Mar and Kurt talk about #PrideJoyLegacy, what makes their wedding documentaries different than others. And what is the meaning of Cinco de Mayo? Why do we celebrate it? It is NOT Mexican Independence Day and some believe.

Etiquette expert Lizzie Post has gone to pot

Lizzie Post, etiquette expert, great-great-grandaughter of Emily Post and author of Higher Etiquette talks about etiquette — with a focus on cannabis.


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