Chip & Nikki: May 22, 2019

Closer to Impeachment

Chip and Nikki talk about the latest developments when it comes to President Trump’s possible impeachment.

Grandchildren the Hard Way

Chip and Nikki talk with Attorney Randy Levin about a court decision to allow parents to extract their dead son’s sperm in order to allow posthumous procreation.

Congressman John Garamendi

Chip and Nikki talk with congressman John Garamendi about Congressional oversight and whether 45 is leaving House Democrats with one option, impeachment.

Oakland Stands Up to ICE

The City of Oakland votes against doing business with companies contracted by ICE. Chip and Nikki discuss.

Untangling the Trump Mess

Chip and Nikki talk with Todd Neikirk from about the mess that is President Trump and his administration.

Pregnancy and Womens’ Sports

The New York Times talked to professional athletes who said Nike paid them less for their sponsorship after becoming pregnant Chip and Nikki discuss theĀ  story and take your calls.


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