Parents of Deceased Son Head to Court to Retrieve His Sperm in Hopes of Carrying on Family Name

(Photo courtesy of West Point)

May 23, 2019
Katherine Mosqueira

The parents of a deceased US Military academy cadet have retrieved his sperm post-mortem in hopes to carry on the family lineage and keep their family name alive. The 21-year-old of Concord, California, Peter Zhu, was declared brain dead several days following a tragic skiing accident that left him with a fractured spine.

“We are desperate to have a small piece of Peter that might live on and continue to spread the joy and happiness that Peter bought to all of our lives,” Zhu’s parents stated in their court filing. The same day, the judge approved the medical center’s retrieval of the sperm to be stored awaiting a court hearing.

Hosts Chip Franklin and Nikki Medoro spoke with Attorney Randy Levin about the court decision that allowed parents to extract their dead son’s sperm in order to allow posthumous procreation. Levin brings an interesting point to the conversation, “Is it in the best interest of the child? The child is essentially an orphan… What happens when the grandparents pass away? What will become of this child?”

Listen to the full conversation here.


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