The Pat Thurston Show: May 22, 2019

Legal Battles Between Congress and the White House

David Katz is a former assistant U.S. attorney for the Central District of Los Angeles. He weighs in on the legal battles between the White House and Congress.

Gas Prices are Getting Out of Control

Jamie Court with Consumer Watchdog weighs in on the rising gas prices in California.

How can Women Protect Themselves from Groping?

In Japan, groping has become a major problem on subways. In fact, the problem has gotten so out of control that the police department has created an app that women can use to protect themselves. How do you think women should respond to a stranger who gropes them?

Does Yelp Retaliate Against Businesses?

Kaylie Milliken is the director and co-producers for the new documentary, Billion Dollar Bully. The documentary exposes some controversial practices by the review website, Yelp. After its release, the company is now trying to silence her story.

Do you believe Yelp engages in retaliatory practices?


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