Chip & Nikki: June 6, 2019

Moving Towards Impeachment with Marc Fisher

Chip and Nikki talk with the Washington Post’s Marc Fisher about the politics of impeachment.

Swastika Decorations

An El Sobrante man has landscaped his yard with a giant swastika. Chip and Nikki talk to attorney Randy Zelin about what neighbors and the town can do about it.

Turing Tested

Chip and Nikki talk about how Scientist Alan Turing finally got his New York Times obituary.

Warriors Owner Gone Wild

Chip and Nikki talk about the Warriors minority owner who shoved a Raptor’s player during last night’s NBA Final’s game. Also, should the term “owner” become a thing of the past when it comes to sports franchises.

Kids in Cars

Chip and Nikki talk about the children who die every year because their parents leave them in their car on a hot day and what can be done to save lives.

Trump’s Administration Cuts Food Assistance

The Trump administration is cutting food stamps to needy families. Chip and Nikki discuss and take your calls.


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