Chip & Nikki: June 7, 2019

Ghosts of the East Bay

The Warriors might be losing some help when they move back to San Francisco. Chip and Nikki discuss.

Flight Shaming

Chip and Nikki talk about the new trend of flight shaming — trying to make people feel bad for flying instead of taking alternative transportation.

Google Out of Pride

San Francisco Pride is considering giving Google the old heave ho for how the company treats LGBTQ content makers on YouTube. Chip and Nikki discuss and take your calls.

A Voicemail to Take Down Trump?

Chip and Nikki discuss the voicemail that Trump attorney John Dowd left for Michael Cohen’s attorney after Cohen decided to testify for the government.


Researchers say dodgeball is a “tool of oppression”. Chip disagrees.

Movies with Josh Board

Movie reviewer Josh Board talks to Chip and Nikki about Rocketman and another musically based film.


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