Chip & Nikki: June 10, 2019

Compliments at Work

A new report reveals that 60% of male managers are uncomfortable mentoring a female co-worker in the #MeToo era. Chip and Nikki discuss and take your calls.

The Great Metric Debate

Tucker Carlson hates the metric system. Chip says it makes a lot of sense. Nikki isn’t so sure. She takes your calls.

Judging People

Chip and Nikki talk about the judgement people make on others.

OJ 25 years later

Chip and Nikki talk to Seema Iyer from Court TV about the cultural ramifications of the O.J. Simpson trial.

Gun reform with Congresswoman Jackie Speier

Chip and Nikki talk to Congresswoman Jackie Speier about efforts in the House to bring about sensible changes when it comes to gun laws.


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