The Chip Franklin Show: June 11, 2019

KD’s Injury and Sportsmanship

Chip talks about Kevin Durant’s injury during the NBA Finals, Charles Barkley blaming the Warriors, and reactions from his teammates.

Masculinity and #MeToo with Eve Ensler

Chip talks with Tony Award winning playwright, author, activist, and advocate Eve Ensler about women’s rights issues in the Trump Era, toxic masculinity, and her new book The Apology.

Trump’s Golf Cheating with Rick Reilly

Chip chats with award winning journalist and sportswriter Rick Reilly about his new book, Commander in Cheat, which is about the numerous ways President Trump cheats at golf.

Helping Migrants

There’s a hung jury in Arizona in a case against a man who was giving starving, thirsty migrants food and water once they cross the border. Chip talks about why he thinks the government shouldn’t look for a retrial.

Money for First Responders

Chip discusses John Stewart’s trip to Congress to talk about providing federal funds to help 9/11 first responders with their numerous health issues.

The Hologram Circus & Presidential Songs

Chip talks about a circus’ new idea to stay alive hologram circus and Presidential walk up song for candidates hoping to earn the Democratic nomination.


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