Exporting Tech Jobs to Rural America with Congressman Ro Khanna

My constituents love the companies being headquartered here, but they want them to expand their footprint to other parts of the nation. They don’t want home prices to continue to go up and have nurses and firefighters and teachers not being able to live in our communities. They don’t want to be stuck in traffic and take hours to get home after work. The reality is there are a lot of other communities that have cheaper places to live and that have good public transport or don’t have the traffic issues and that will be great places to expand.

A lot of these communities that have been locked out feel that they they did so much to build America… And now they say, what is our opportunity? What is our future? What is the future for kids? A lot of these communities are talking about a brain drain, they’re concerned that they can’t find work in the community that they grew up in, and that they love and their churches are dwindling. The population is declining. We have to show them that they can be part of the future. And there’s no reason they can’t. Technology is supposed to be distributed.

Congressman Ro Khanna talks with Chip and Nikki about his plan to bring Silicon Valley jobs to rural America, working with his Republican colleagues, and the President’s bid for reelection.


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