Nikki Medoro: July 8, 2019

Why Do Men of Power Get Away With Misconduct for So Long?

Nikki Medoro fills in for Pat Thurston. Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is facing charges for sex trafficking. Washington Post National Reporter Devlin Barrett discusses the charges. Do these allegations remind you of Harvey Weinstein?

Online Mob Goes After Trump Protester, Thinking She’s a Supporter

An online mob went after a Trump protester who posted a photo with a sign, thinking she was a supporter. Jill Story, the woman who posted the picture online, joins Nikki Medoro to discuss the controversy.

Despite Winning the World Cup, U.S. Women’s Soccer Still Must Fight for Equal Pay

Nikki Medoro fills in for Pat Thurston. She interviews Maggie Mertens, the writer and managing editor of Bitterroot magazine, about U.S. Women’s Soccer and their fight for equal pay.

Would you Pay $1,200 to Rent a Bunk Bed in San Francisco?

How much would you pay to rent JUST a bed in San Francisco without any privacy? Podshare, a co-living space that costs $1200 to rent a bunk bed, is becoming increasingly popular in high-cost living areas. Elvina Beck, the founder and CEO of Podshare, joins Nikki Medoro to discuss her business model.


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