The John Rothmann Show: July 8, 2019

Changes in the 2020 race and Trump fires back at UK ambassador

Billionaire Tom Steyer might enter the 2020 race as Representative Eric Swalwell drops out. Trump says he will no longer deal with UK ambassador who labeled him inept, insecure, and incompetent.

A Trump Weekend Round-Up

New York governor Cuomo signs a bill allowing Congress to access Trump’s state tax returns. Congressional Democrats issue the first round of subpoenas in emoluments suit against Trump. The DOJ will replace the lawyers in the census citizenship question case while Trump defends ‘beautifully run’ detention facilities. And the White House blocks an ex-McGahn aide from answering more than 200 questions.

Al Gore blasts Trump on Environmental Speech

Al Gore blasts Trump environmental speech that fails to mention climate change.


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