Trump’s Approval Ratings with Polling Analyst Emily Guskin

(Photo by Alex Brandon/AP Images)

Washington Post Polling Analyst Emily Guskin talks to Chip about the latest polling numbers regarding the President.

We found that Donald Trump’s net approval rating was 44%, which is an edge up from 39%. 53% still disapproved so we have a slight majority of Americans who disapprove of how the President’s handling his job. But we also asked about how the president is handling various other issues and the only one where he had a net positive rating was for the economy where 51% approval to the job he was doing.

We asked people how much credit they think the Trump administration deserves for the country’s economic situation and they were split. 47% said either a “great deal” or a “good amount” and 48% said “some or hardly any”. Now that’s better ratings than the president received when we last asked that question in January 2018. When a majority 56% said that he deserved only some are hardly any credit for the economy.


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