The Chip Franklin Show: July 31, 2019

Democratic Debates with Marc Fisher

Chip and Nikki chat with the Washington Post’s Marc Fisher about the latest round of Democratic Debates.

Trump & Social Media

Chip and Nikki talk to Tom Bella from the Washington Post about President Trump’s consistent retweeting of right wing extremist accounts and what Twitter should be doing to discourage it.

Body Donations Gone Wrong

Chip and Nikki talk with attorney Michael Burg who representing the victims of a fraudulent scheme to illegally sell human body parts of their loved one’s bodies that were supposed to be donated for scientific and medical education and research.

Assault on the Baseball Diamond

Following a brawl between the Pirates and Reds there is a growing debate about whether players should be able to sue eachother for an assault that happens during a game. Chip and Nikki discuss with attorney Randy Zelin.

Growing Up Transgender

Actor Mario Lopez is back peddling following comments about parents who “allow their kids” to grow up without a gender identity or with the opposite of their birth identity. Chip and Nikki take your opinions on the matter.

Democratic Debates with John Nichols

Chip and Nikki chat with John Nichols, national affairs correspondent for The Nation magazine and host of their new podcast, ‘Next Left,’ shares his thoughts on the 2020 debates.


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