Chip & Nikki: August 1, 2019

Guns in School

The state of New York is banning weapon toting teachers. Should CA do the same?

Appropriation vs. Inclusion

Chip and Nikki talk to Abha Bhattarai about whether Banana Republic selling hijabs is cultural appropriation or inclusive.

Tomi vs Kamala

Conservative talking head Tomi Laren tweets about Kamala Harris sleeping her way to the top because she dated former mayor Willie Brown. Chip and Nikki talk about it. Also, odds are a woman in Oklahoma would be dead today if she wasn’t white, Chip and Nikki explain.

Actor and Comedian Jeremy Piven

Chip and Nikki chat with Actor and Comedian Jeremy Piven about his long career in Hollywood, his start in Chicago, going over his lines with his mother, and his latest stand-up tour.

Climate Change & the California Coast

Chip & Nikki talk about a new report that reveals the possible damage climate change could do to the multi-million dollar homes California coast.

Democratic Debates with Don Guttenplan

Chip and Nikki chat with Don Guttenplan, editor of The Nation and author of The Next Republic: The Rise of a New Radical Majority about this week’s Democratic Debates.


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