Ronn Owens Report: Last Night’s Democratic Debate with Political Analyst Carla Marinucci

(Photo by Paul Sancya/AP Images)

“I think the winner was Corey Booker. He had an all around gutsy, positive performance. He really ramped up his game up last night… Joe Biden lives to fight another day. This time around he took a lot of incoming,”

Last night’s debate with ten more challengers was analyzed by Carla Marinucci, Senior Political Reporter for Politico‘s California Playbook. Ronn and Carla talked about those who exceeded expectations (Booker, Gabbard, Castro, Gillibrand), those who didn’t (Harris more than anyone because she raised the bar from the first set of debates), and those who did about as expected (Biden, Inslee). They also discussed the absurdity of not allowing the candidates to have notes so they could refer to specifics.

Listen to the full report below.


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